Protecting Maine’s Assets

Maine House District 128 – Westbrook, ME

Why Am I Running For Office?

For most of my life, I have sought to be an informed citizen, not taking my right and responsibility of citizenship in the USA for granted. However, I have thus far avoided getting into the public spectacle that is American politics.  I’ve always aimed to vote my conscience as best I have been able to without going beyond that level of involvement in the political sphere.

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Over the course of the past couple of years, with the government response to COVID as well as the gang mentality that exists in Washington & Augusta, I’ve desired better options.  We are in need of more people with level heads trying to look at all of the available data and history, who are most interested in crafting laws that make sense and will actually help Maine and America flourish, but precious few such people have emerged.  I have had people close to me, who listen to my critiques and frustrations with what’s happening, suggest to me that I should run but I always shrugged off these comments because in our current political situation why would anyone want to go into politics especially as a conservative in the greater Portland area in Maine? 

Then I met Timothy.  Timothy came to Maine from Kenya. I had the opportunity to get to know him as we talked and he tried to better understand what’s happening in America. I had the opportunity to try as best as I could to help him understand what’s happening in our part of the world.  After our first few conversations, he started telling me that I should go into politics.  I shook him off like I’d done many others.  Over time, as we continued to talk, he became more and more bold in his declaration that I need to run for office, to the point of simply telling me that I was going to run.  For him, it had become a foregone conclusion.  All who met Timothy in his time here in Maine said things along the lines of “when Timothy speaks you listen” because his wisdom was quickly recognized.  I decided I needed to at least start out on this path and see where it might lead, thus I am here, running for Maine State House of Representatives for District 128.

Meet Charles

Hi, I’m Charles Ellis and I’ve spent my entire life in Maine.  My family moved around a lot when I was young from Eustis to Rangeley to Norridgewock to Pittsfield before eventually settling in Athens Maine.  Growing up in a small town, I learned a hard work ethic with my first job working on the farm and the value of a community that takes care of one another.  After graduating from Athens Elementary school, I went on and graduated from Madison High school before attending the University of Maine at Farmington where I studied Business Economics and eventually graduated with a degree in Mathematics.  

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After spending 14 years in the Farmington area, I made the move to the Portland area similarly to graduating from 8th grade and going to high school, high school to college, college to the workforce it just seemed like this was the next logical step.  I started living and working in Portland in 2017 before settling in the great City of Westbrook.  Westbrook is great for a number of reasons including that it’s the economical choice in the immediate Portland area, it’s very business friendly, it has a great community in addition to the fact that it’s ideally situated to just about anything you may want to do in the Portland area. I am happy to say Ron Swanson is my spirit animal. 

During my life, I have lived and worked in both small-town Maine and “the big city” of Maine; I have worked and volunteered for non-profits, worked in banking assisting both businesses and individuals across a vast array of socioeconomic statuses assisting people in getting out of debt, building credit, buying a home, saving for retirement, budgeting and all of the above; volunteered with college students; studied economics and mathematic, and with all these things I think my education and experiences make me ideally situated to understand the needs and challenges facing Mainers all across the state to be able to assist in coming up with wise solutions to address the current and future challenges facing Maine.


A number of years ago, my bank manager taught me an important lesson: the most important feature in a good banker is to understand the products and offerings that the bank has, how they can help clients, and how they compare to the competition; the second most important thing is understanding your client.  I might even argue these two features are equally important because without both you cannot effectively help people.

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 Over my tenure in the bank, I have sought to become an expert at understanding my clients and through that their needs as well as knowing inside and out all of our products and services at the bank so I can take care of my clients.  If elected to serve in the State House of Representatives I will use these same skills to further my understanding of the needs of Mainers from all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses as well as the tools at the disposal of the government to create an environment in which Mainers can thrive. I will then fight for those policies that will best serve Maine.

I love Maine. I want to see Maine flourish in terms of economics, social well-being, spirituality, freedom, and so on. I will work regardless of party lines and party politics to make this happen.  I am not and never will be a company man because I don’t want to be known for satisfying the whims of superiors but instead for doing what’s right even when it’s not easy.  To quote William Wallace from the movie Braveheart while speaking to the nobles who were arguing over who would be king “You think your position exists to provide you with possession.  I think your position exists to provide the people with freedom.”  The role of politicians and people in positions of power is to protect the people’s freedom and give them the opportunities they need to succeed and thrive.

Community Work

I have had the opportunity of serving on the following boards:

  • Western Maine Homeless Outreach – fundraising chair, personnel chair 2014-2016
  • Friends of Wilson Lake – treasurer 2015-2016
  • Franklin County Chamber of Commerce – member at large 2014-2016
  • Wilton Free Public Library – finance committee 2015-2016
  • Wilton Downtown Committee –  member 2013-2016
  • Summit Faith Community – Pastor/Elder 2014-2015

I currently serve on two boards:

  • The Root Cellar – Board member 2018-present
  • Portland Conservatory of Music – Advisory Board 2019-present


Campaign Focus


I want to bolster our education system by working to get control out of the hands of the federal government and into the hands of local Mainers as well as ensuring parents continue to have a say in the way their children are educated. 

Small Business

Small Businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy and our small businesses have been crushed by COVID and the government response to COVID.  If I’m elected, I’ll work with other legislators in Augusta to ensure our small businesses can not just survive but flourish.

Care for Maine's Aging Population

Our seniors are facing a scary future with the high rates of inflation far outpacing the increases in social security and increased medical costs.  In addition our state funded nursing home have seen significant increases in their payroll due to the increased minimum wage however they aren’t getting a higher rate of compensation from the state leading to the closure of some of these nursing homes.   If I am elected I will work with my fellow legislators to address these issues.

How to Contribute to My Campaign

I am running as a traditionally financed candidate. What this means is that anyone who is a citizen of the United States can contribute to my campaign regardless of where they live.

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As I was beginning to go door to door to meet my constituents I realized 1) people don’t like random strangers coming and knocking on their door 2) in all times not to mention our current politically charged climate people don’t enjoy talking politics with people they don’t know and trust and 3) people don’t like being asked for money, especially to people they don’t know, especially for political campaigns.  I figure doing things this way I can allow people who do know me and believe in who I am and what I stand for to be able to support me in my campaign but also allow me to at least alleviate one of the difficult elements in going door to door and make it easier for people to want to talk to me and learn who I am and what I stand for without that additional encumbrance.  If you would like to give to support my campaign please click below.  Thank you for your consideration.”

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